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Trainings Camps Asturias Spanien 2023

mit Meister Fernando Chèdel

Info und Anmeldung für die Workshops mit Fernando

bei mir Mobil: 0176 20 120 401

Upcoming Workshops

Intensive 8 days Training in the Asturias mountains (Spain) Nov 17-26, 2023

17/11/2023 - 26/11/2023

Dear practitioners and interested people,

this Ma Tsun Kuen camp with Master Fernando Chedel will take place from 17-26th September in Asturias (Spain), the 17th being the day of arrival, the 26th of departure.

Accommodation & board…

Near the new house of the Chédels is the hotel „Hostería del Huerna“, where we can train and stay overnight.

… & prices:

Double room:

A with breakfast = 40€
B with lunch OR dinner = 50€
C Complete, i.e. three meals a day = 60€.

Single room:

A = 60€
B = 70€
C= 80€

Please let us know if you want to come, so that we can make a reservation.


The closest flights are to Oviedo (OVD). There are also options to fly to Santander or Santiago de Compostela, for example, and travel from there by bus or by car. This seems to be quite feasible. If you find a cheap flight there, you can ask for the exact details of the journey again.

From Germany there are now two airports with direct flights: Düsseldorf-Weeze (Ryanair) and Frankfurt/Main (Lufthansa).

It is helpful to communicate the travel times of the flights well in advance, then it can be organised whether you can be picked up from the airport as a group or whether you should organise a different means of travelling, e.g. a taxi. Taxis from the airport to the hotel cost about 100€ if booked well in advance.  There is also the possibility of taking the train a little closer to your destination (station: „Pola de Lena“) and being picked up there. More details will be given if this option becomes necessary.

Some people may also travel by car. If you want to come with others or drive yourself, it would be good to announce it, then carpooling can be organised.

Duration, daily schedule and costs of the training

The camp consists of 8 full training days with the master. Training at the days of arrival (friday) and departure (sunday) are possible as self-organised. The days are structured as follows:

– 08:00-08:50 Qigong, Yi Chin Gong, Short Form

– Breakfast

– 10:00-13:00 morning training

– Lunch and siesta

– 18:00-21:00 Evening training.

– Dinner

Of course, you don’t have to do the full camp. It is possible to train on individual days or even arrive a little earlier and leave a little later. Just ask and we will clarify this.

The costs of the training* (please bring cash):

The full camp (eight days á 7 hrs. tuition)    600 €

4-5 days                                                  500 €

2-3 days                                                  300 €

1 day                                                       200 €

If you are in a difficult economic situation due to Corona (or otherwise), please get in touch. As a rule, we will come to an agreement.

Please send questions and registrations to alejandralorenzini@yahoo.es.

Kind regards,

the secretariat of the International School for Ma Tsun Kuen Tai Chi Chuan

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